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International Iranian Economic Association
Monthly Webinar Series

We are pleased to host a monthly webinar series, a combination of Keynote talks and panel sessions, on the second Wednesday of each month at the following times: 08.00 LA time | 11.00 Washington DC time | 16.00 London time | 19.30 Tehran time.

To attend our webinar series, please register here

Previous Webinars​

Panel session on Transition to Low-Carbon Economy:
Challenges and Policy Responses of OPEC Countries

13th of April 2022

Chair: Hamed Ghoddusi (Board Member of the IIEA & California Polytechnic State University)

Climate change concerns have resulted in global efforts to mitigate greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions through various means, including the decarbonization of the economy. A zero/low-carbon energy portfolio implies suppressed demand for fossil fuels and stranded underground reserves. This panel examines the likelihood and extent of such a scenario, its implications for OPEC countries and Iran, and the set of policies by fossil fuel producers to make a smooth transition to a low-carbon future. Our speakers examine the issue from three broad perspectives: (1) Energy Scenarios, (2) Macro Policies, and (3) Domestic Responses.
The panel therefore focuses on the following three topics:


Global Energy Scenarios and Implications for Oil/Gas Producers, Bassam Fattouh, (Oxford Institute for Energy Studies)

Macroeconomic Management in MENA Oil Producers in the Face of Covid and Energy Transition, Adnan Mazarei (Peterson Institute for International Economics)

Oil Revenue Spending in Iran and Proposals for Efficient Climate Change Mitigation/Adaptation, Layla Shiva (TeIAS: Tehran Institute for Advanced Studies)​

If you are interested to find out more, do read the papers by Bassam Fattouh, Adnan Mazarei, and Layla Shiva.

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