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International Iranian Economic Association

History of IIEA

Board of Directors

IIEA was founded in December 2011 and has since been active in promoting academic research on Iran’s economy. Supported by 25 internationally renowned ‘Founding Members', the IIEA is dedicated to encouraging high quality research on the Iranian economy and in 2016 had about 160 members worldwide.

Executive Officers


IIEA has three officers: the president, the executive secretary and the treasurer. It also has a board consisting of five members. Past presidents can serve as non-voting ex-official board members. For more information on the roles and responsibilities of officers and board members, as well as their election process, see the bylaws


Massoud Karshenas 

SOAS, University of London 
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 Kamiar Mohaddes

Executive Secretary

University of Cambrige

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Dr Ramin Nassehi

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Elected Board Members

Nadereh Chamlou 
International Development Advisor

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Ida Mirzaei 

Ohio State


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Hamed Ghodousi
 Stevens Institute of Technology
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Djavad Salehi Isfahani 

Virginia Tech University

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Co-opted Member


Mohammad R. Farzanegan
 Marburg Centre for Institutional Economics 
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 Past Presidents

Hassan Hakimian

University of London  
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M. Hashem Pesaran 
Department of Economics 
University of Southern California 

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