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International Iranian Economic Association
Monthly Webinar Series

We are pleased to host a monthly webinar series, a combination of Keynote talks and panel sessions, on the second Wednesday of each month at the following times: 08.00 LA time | 11.00 Washington DC time | 16.00 London time | 19.30 Tehran time.

To attend our webinar series, please register here

Previous Webinars​

Panel session on Challenges and
Joys of Teaching Economics in Iran

11th of May 2022

Chair: Ramin Nassehi (IIEA Board member, University College London and CTaLE)

In this very first IIEA panel discussion on economics pedagogy, the speakers are invited to reflect on their experience of teaching economics in Iran. They will talk about the ways in which they have adapted the standard teaching materials and methods of economics to the academic context of Iran. More specifically, they will talk about their syllabus design, selection of teaching materials and assessment methods. They will also highlight the essential employability skills that are often lacking among economics graduates, namely communication and interpersonal skills, and discuss possible remedies. The overall aim of this session is to highlight the state of economics pedagogy in Iran and discuss the possibility of disseminating best teaching practices internationally.



Mohammad Vesal (Sharif University of Technology)


Fateme Najafi (Data Scientist at Theory & Practice)


Mehdi Feizi (Ferdowsi University of Mashhad)

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